Next Generation Meat Proteins
Next Generation Meat Proteins

Arising out of the University of Oxford, Kyomei was founded by a rigorous team of experienced plant scientists, molecular biologists and entrepreneurs who believe in the power of plants and photosynthesis to produce proteins naturally and sustainably. We have built a plant-based production system producing animal proteins to prove it and power the next generation of meat alternatives.

“Sustainability is a must-have rather than a differentiator

Increasing awareness of animal agriculture’s impact on the environment together with wider demand for natural health benefits and skepticism over traditional meat production methods have led to skyrocketing consumer demand for plant-based meat and alternative meat products.

Increasing consumer concerns regarding over-processing have begun to percolate with food producers and questions over process sustainability and clean labels remain. Full process sustainability is becoming a crucial factor in consumer choice.

In thinking about these concerns, our company began with a question. Imagine..if you could naturally make meat proteins not from plants..but IN plants? Could we use plants not simply as a source of protein but as a production system to naturally produce the meat proteins themselves.

“Meat alternative sales alone grew 45% in 2021, yet 2/3 of consumers would eat more plant-based meat if products tasted better”

Addressing these concerns, Kyomei has developed a first-in-class protein production platform using plants as bioreactors growing animal proteins for the alternative meat industry. Our platform is sustainable and carbon negative, naturally grown and purely plant-grown and produces the identical proteins found in meat.

A core technical challenge: Yield

While plant protein production systems have seen success in high value protein production, the difficulty has always been yield at scale. We believe we’ve cracked it! Find out how we can help you by reaching out directly below.