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Specialty Food Ingredients, Plant Grown Production

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We are a molecular farming and biotechnology company tackling fundamental food industry challenges by producing hard to procure natural and animal-identical specialty food ingredients entirely in plants

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We are re-imagining the future of sustainable agriculture using the powerful versatility of plants, photosynthesis and molecular biology

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Offering a more compelling, lower cost and scalable means of crop-based production in the vast arena of specialty food ingredients, proteins and pigments, we aim to fundamentally transform agriculture.

Careers at Kyomei

Kyomei is pioneering turning plants into production platforms.

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From a kernel of an idea at the University of Oxford and a fledgling founding team, we've built up an amazing Cambridge-based science and commercial team, both technically exceptional and mission-driven, drawing from the UK's best Universities and start-ups. We are building a strong collaborative culture driven by technical excellence, a strong sense of mission and creativity around approach.

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Specialty Food Ingredients,

Plant Grown Production

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